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Total number of registrations:2162
Deleted registrations:36
Currently registered users:2126
Outdated registrations:1830 (counter entry not accessed in the past year)
Unreachable users:372 (email address no longer valid)
Verified users:296 (accessed their counter entry in the past year)
Locations:296 (2 bogus)
Total number of VDRs:617 (only counting verified users)
Users with 1 VDR:134
Users with 2 VDRs:74
Users with 3 VDRs:46
Users with 4 VDRs:28
Users with 5 VDRs:7
Users with 6 VDRs:4
Users with 7 VDRs:2
Users with 12 VDRs:1