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Here are some useful links around VDR

VDR on facebook
Digital Television (DVB) on Linux (Linux DVB drivers)
VDR mailing list (you really should subscribe to this!)
www.linuxdvb.tv (by Henning Holtschneider)
LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control)
Channel listings for VDR (by DXAndy)
VDR Tools (by various authors)
www.vdr-portal.de (by Gerald Berwolf))
bleb.org (TV listings for British channels)
Howto: Upgrade a full-featured card to 4 MByte SDRAM (by Oliver Endriss)
Howto: Full Transport Stream from Full-Featured DVB Cards (by Oliver Endriss)
WOLFSOFT GmbH (this company offers a service to upgrade TT DVB cards to 4MB SDRAM for 256 color OSD)
vdrfrance.free.fr (a French VDR site)
NVRAM WakeUp (a tool to automatically wake up your PC for recording)
VDRAdmin-AM (by Andreas Mair)

VDR Distributions (complete Linux distributions optimized for VDR)

LinVDR (a Linux distribution for the Video Disk Recorder)
www.heise.de/ct/ftp/projekte/vdr (VDR Linux distribution of the German computer magazine c't)


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