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GeoTagger is a free and open source application for displaying and modifying GPS location tags in JPEG image files. It was written because there was no really useful program available for Linux to fulfill this task.

There is, of course, the digiKam program, which is a very feature rich application that, amoung many, many other things, can also edit location data. However, the first thing it wants to do is create a "database" of your photos, which I totally despise. I want to know exactly where my files are at any time. Besides, I wanted a tool that does exactly one task, and is easy to use. If all you want to do is clean up the location data in your photos, programs like digiKam are pure overkill.

Then there is the Geotag program, which is written in Java (a whole can of worms by itself). This program opens an external browser window every time you want to change a location, and it displays only one location marker, not all of them. You also can't set a location by simply clicking on the map, but rather have to drag a marker from a default location to the desired spot.

The thing that came closest to my idea of such a tool was the GeoTag application written by Marco S Hyman. It does exactly one thing (editing geo tags), is easy to use and doesn't do any database dances. Unfortunately it runs only on Mac OS. And it only displays one location marker at a time, not all of them.

So I decided to brush up on my Qt knowledge and write an application that runs on all major platforms, is easy to use and follows the Unix philosophy of doing one thing right. The result was "GeoTagger".

Well, about that "one thing". It turned out that while in the process of setting/fixing location data you look at each individual image and may feel the need to make some small corrections, like rotating an image, straightening the horizon or cutting off that guy who tried to photobomb your image. These operations are also possible in GeoTagger.

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