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The main features of GeoTagger are
  • Display and modify the GPS location data stored in JPEG photo files
  • No database necessary, works directly with your files
  • No external browser necessary to display the map
  • Displays all location markers simultaneously
  • Displays GPS track data in GPX and CSV format
  • Displays a path, indicating the sequence in which the photos were taken
  • Locations can be interpolated between known locations
  • Supports "offset from UTC" to properly handle time zones and DST
  • Supports various map providers, including Google Maps (separate plugin required)
  • Supports various map types, like "street view" or "satellite view"
  • Supports getting altitude values from external providers.
  • Platform independent (based on Qt)
  • Export image files from various directories into one target directory
  • Align timestamps when travelling through time zones
  • Straighten images to correct horizontal or vertical lines
  • Rotate and crop images
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